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........Casablanca stands alone in its approach to the design, engineering and manufacturing of ceiling fans. We have made a long term commitment to quality and invite you to compare every feature of a Casablanca fan to any competitive product. Every detail is given meticulous attention from design, to components and manufacturing, to ease of installation. Casablanca's attention to detail adds value to every fan, providing unprecedented performance for the life of your investment.

........Owners Manuals and other important information about the product that you purchased should be kept for future reference. This part of the Casablanca support website makes copies of your owner’s manuals and other valuable information such as product operation sheets, at your finger tips as downloads.

........The following are the most recent revisions to the Owner's Manuals. All are PDF (Portable Document Format) files, and will require the free Adobe Acrobat Reader to view.

........To download the Owner's Manual to your computer right click on the [Owners Manuals
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link and select "Save Target As". Mac users can option-click on the link. File sizes range from 1.2 megs to 2.7 megs in size.

Product support information is provide by the Casabanca's Factory Service Department the home of Casablanca University, supported by the Factory Services Technical Library.

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All fans, light fixtures, and wall controls are listed by Underwriters Laboratories.
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