Safety and the proper operation of your Casablanca fan both require a thorough knowledge of the product and proper installation. Before attempting to repair, install and operate your Casablanca fan, read your owners manual completely and carefully. Retain the owner manual for future reference.

To avoid possible electrical shock, make certain that electricity is turned OFF at the circuit breaker or fuse box before attempting any repairs, installation or de-installation procedure.


Trip breaker for the circuit you will be working on.

Make sure that the


Turn OFF the power and REMOVE the fuse for the circuit you will be working on.


Helpful Installation Hits:

  • All wiring must be in accordance with the National Electric Code ANSI/NFPA 70-1993 and the appropriate local electrical codes. The National Electric Code requires proper grounding as a precaution against electrical shock. A qualified electrician should be consulted if you are unsure.

  • This ceiling fan requires a grounded electrical supply of 120 VAC, 60 Hz and a minimum 15 amp circuit. The maximum current requirement for the fan with light fixture is 3.8 amps. The fan uses about 1 amp or 100 watts. Maximum light current is 2.8 amps or 340 watts of lighting.

  • Where wire nuts are employed, be sure all bare wires are within the connectors. When installing the canopy hatch, make sure all wires are within the canopy and that no wires are being pinched.

  • Always follow the Casablanca instructions when wiring a Casablanca fan.

  • When installing a ceiling fan in an existing light fixture outlet box, first check the box to be sure that it is securely anchored to the ceiling. The cross bar must be supported by one of the methods explained later in the manual.

  • All ceiling fans are designed to be installed on an existing electrical outlet box. The outlet box MUST be UL Listed for ceiling fan installations, if it is not, a new box MUST be installed. Casablanca extension poles are available for sloped or high ceiling installations
  • Never install a fan in an area where there is a possibility of it getting wet or where high humidity can cause condensation on metal parts.

  • Do not use a wall control that is not designed for Casablanca fans.

  • The distance from the tip of the blade to the wall should be a minimum of 18".

  • The fan must be mounted with the blades at least 7' from the floor to avoid accidental contact with the fan blades. This is true regardless of the ceiling height.
  • The hanger stem assembly supplied with the fan unit provides proper floor clearance and mounting strength for standard 8' ceiling-installations. It should not be modified in any way. Extra length poles are available for higher ceiling applications requiring increased length.|

  • It is absolutely imperative to ensure that the hanger stem lock screw is set tightly against the threaded rod after the fan is assembled to avoid unthreading. Failure to do so will result in the fan becoming loose and it could fall from the ceiling.

  • Remember that blades are packed as a matched and balanced set of five (or four) to assure smooth fan operation. Be sure to use only genuine Casablanca blades. If more than one fan is being installed, do not mix blades from different cartons.




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