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ADVAN-TOUCH (W-62) and (W-63) Controls


Casablanca's Advan•Touch is a wall-mounted or hand-held remote control system. Advan•Touch combines a user-friendly design with a large LCD display and intuitive controls for fan and lighting with programmable features.

Use one Advan•Touch to control several fans, or purchase an extra control to operate one fan from different locations.

In addition to allowing fan speed control, full range light dimming, and forward/reverse control, Advan•Touch offers a host of efficient programmable features that clearly distinguishes Casablanca from the competition. Nine different Casablanca fan series are available with this technology.

Variable Speeds
Select from 6 various fan speeds in forward and reverse for perfect comfort level and room ambience.

Turns lights off 30 seconds after pressing the light button, giving ample time to leave a room without stumbling in the dark.

Provides a controlled lighting cycle that makes your home look occupied when you're not there.

Liquid Crystal Display
Large easy to read LCD window displays light intensity, fan speed, airflow direction, and mode of operation.

Note: Motor wiring is different than othe Casablanca fans. DO NOT use other electronics as a replacement, only use the correct printed circuit board. Using the wrong board will cause damage to the product and may cause electrical shock.


Step 1. Remove the two 6-32 x 5/16"screws holding the bracket to the holster. Save screws for later.

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